Grapple Tackle Situation For England

There was much of a public outcry about a particular incident that has occurred regarding Jermaine McGillvary who is the star of the England Rugby League world cup campaign. He was put down with a biting charge that he stated was outrageous. In the game there had been three minutes of deliberation on the video footage, and it has continued into hours after the game, with fans divided by his treatment.

McGillvary stated that, with him being a professional player, he has held “a disciplinary record that can be said to be exemplary”. The situation looked bad when McGillvary grapple tackled Farah which seemed akin to him viciously biting on his hand. Fans of the Rugby World Cup, who had bought tickets for the match from this website, were unsure what the offence was, because they stadium refused to show any replays on the big screens as it could cause clashes between the rival spectators.

There was a disciplinary hearing held for the incident at which McGillvary stated that he was outraged that there was a biting allegation put up against him when he has always held an exemplary record of playing by the rules on the field.

The contrary conduct charge was put on him after the weekend tie game between England and Lebanon. Robbie Farah, the Lebanon captain placed the charge. After the disciplinary hearing the England winger was cleared of the charges. The case was represented by the Australian lawyer who defended England’s case. It took little over 10 minutes before McGillvary was declared not guilty by the judiciary panel.

Farah made a complaint though not in written form and there is also a photo that shows that the mark on Farah’s arm was made as if someone had a bit on his arm. McGillvary on the other hand, was wearing a mouth guard and stated that Farah’s arm came across his face when they were engaged in a grapple tackle situation. McGillvary stated that it felt that the arm was being pushed in his face and that he was choking. McGillvary stated that the fact that he was being accused of having bit on Farah’s arm is outrageous as he was trying very hard to not be choked with the arm across his face.