On September 5 of the ongoing year, the Korean Football Association announced that they had found a replacement for the former coach Hong Myung-Bo as they appointed Uli Stielike as the new manager of the South Korean national football team however, it was a very a surprising way to announce their new leader of the squad.

The technical director of the Korean Football Association Lee Yong-soo was the first to announce the news concerning the appointment of the former Real Madrid player Uli Stielike as the new coach of the national team.

Lee Yong-soo said: “I met Stielike in London and we talked for about two hours. The deal is for four years and runs until the final match of the World Cup in Russia. If we don’t qualify it will be terminated right away.

“He gave a good impression in three ways. Firstly, he was frank about his past failures, secondly, he really cared about his coaches, and lastly he was very passionate about managing Korean football overall. He said he would come to Korea with his family. Now we will try our best to help him. He may not be the best coach in the world but I think he has enough ability to change football in Korea. I know his record as a national team manager is not great but he can do well for Korea’’

Lee Yong-soo admitted in saying that Uli Stielike is not the best coach in the world but has enough abilities and skills needed to change their national squad and the traditional football style in Korea.

Ever since Uli Stielike turned into the coach of Korea Republic, the national team has been going through a number of positive and negative results with a 3-1 triumph over Venezuela and another victory over Paraguay. But at the same time went through a few defeats after playing with Uruguay and most recently against Costa Rica.