Pep Guardiola is enjoying more power

Pep Guardiola is enjoying more power than the previous head coaches did at the Etihad Stadium.

Guardiola’s word is taken as the final word by the City hierarchy when it comes to buying players and also stretching the contract of the players.

Earlier, all such decisions were made by Txiki Begiristain who is one of the directors at the club. But, the power has shifted and now nothing moves ahead until and unless Guardiola gives it a green signal.

Begiristain’s job is now limited only to deliberating the terms and conditions of the contract with the agents of the players.

The reason the Sky Blues bosses have lost faith in Begiristain’s ability of judging players is that they have allowed him to spend as much money as he wanted in the last few years, but, still, he has failed to build a squad that can challenge even for the domestic title consistently.

This is the 5th season that City is spending with Begiristain in charge of the Football operations. The past four seasons have yielded just one title.

Begiristain hasn’t quite created a balance between the experienced and youth. He has focussed too much on signing star players only, without considering their age and as a result of that, City today finds itself in a situation where it has big names, but, it is not able to fetch results because most of those big names are on the wrong side of thirties and are past their primes.

City fell far behind in the title race last season and they are not looking like going anywhere near the top in this Premiership either and it has a lot to do with the oldness of its line-up. None of the other close rivals has as old a starting line-up as City has.