Samuel Eto’o And His Grand Wedding

In a different kind of news fans would be happy to be seeing images of the spectacular ceremony that was organized on the occasion of Samuel Eto’o being married in Italy.

It was definitely a star studded affair with many of his teammates, including Carles Puyol, Samuel’s former team mate from Barcelona team attending the ceremony as well. Samuel is best known for the two seasons that he spent in Italy playing for Inter Milan. Known for his striker skills, he returned not as a forward to the country, but to conduct his marital alliance with Georgette Tra Lou who has been his long term girlfriend. With Carles Puyol also attends the wedding as a former defender of Spain, fans was enthralled to see the attendants and to catch glimpses of the bride, groom and the ceremony that took place.

Samuel is also known as an international player who is originally from Cameroon. The wedding of the couple took place in Stezzano in Italy. Being striker of fame from clubs like Chelsea and Barcelona, his fan following can be understood to be considerable.

Hundreds of people came in as invitees to see the couple being wedded in the church. Samuel is currently 35 years of age and has spent two seasons playing in Serie A of Inter Milan before he had a playful spell in Sampdoria. Dressed in a well tailored grey suit, the player was all smiles as he arrived with his bride in a vintage car. Georgette, who turned into his wife this Tuesday, is the mother of two children of Eto’s which signifies the long relationship they have had. There were several dignitaries like the former president of Barcelona team who came as fellow guest. Puyol was present with his wife and so were others who wished the forward all the best wishes for his special day.