20 Replies to “Super Bowl XLIX: Tom Brady vs. Russell Wilson | Patriots vs. Seahawks | NFL Full Game”

  1. 18:00 – Tom Brady throws end zone interception to Jeremy Lane

    28:42 – Brady throws 11-yard TD pass to Brandon LaFell

    41:08 – Marshawn Lynch rushes for 3-yard TD

    50:28 – Brady and Gronkowski connect for 22-yard TD

    59:16 – Russel Wilson throws 11-yard TD to Chris Mathews

    1:07:14 – Steven Hauschka makes 27-yard FG to give Seahawks the lead

    1:12:00 – Brady is intercepted by Bobby Wagner

    1:17:54 – Wilson finds Doug Baldwin for 3-yard TD pass

    1:40:17 – Brady slings 4-yard TD pass to Danny Amendola

    1:53:48 – Julian Edelman snags 3-yard TD pass from Brady

    2:01:16 – Jermaine Kearse makes insane catch to put Seahawks in scoring position

    2:04:04 – Malcolm Butler intercepts Russell Wilson at the goal line

  2. 2:04:04 mr malcomm Butler nice interception on the seattle seahawks on 2015 go brady goat go gronk go hogan???????????????????????????? I'm not a patriot fan I am chargers ducks padres and 16/17 sports team fans of jordan

  3. Seahawks had this one.All they had to do was give it to one of the best rushers in the league.They get the TD and are up by 3.Thus,giving Brady very little time to score.I think about the same type of bad play call when it comes to the 4th and 1 with the Dez non-catch.The Cowboys would not be in that situation if they gave it to Demarco Murray,who would guarantee a yard.Also,running out the clock for Rodgers.

  4. As a Pats fan even after the recent Patriots vs Falcons game I gotta say this was my favorite super bowl. Not only was it the Pats’ first ring in 10 years but the entire game u felt that both teams went punch for punch and Brady puts together one of the greatest fourth quarter performances in history against a legendary defense. Not to mention Butlers pick was the most shocking and epic moment of my life because all Pats fans went from depressed to crying in a matter of a second.

  5. Best Bowl game of all time!!
    Every single Patriots Super Bowl is the best.
    Every single one of them should be in the top ten greatest

  6. So they should have 100% ran, but I am going to support them here.

    The Seahawks were 2nd and Goal at the 1 yard line. They attempted a run and nearly got in the endzone, but Hightower made an exellent play. They wanted to run the clock down a bit. 20 seconds left. They could run it, but if they don't get in the endzone time continues to run and they could lose yards. They run this play a lot, they are successful 20% of the time, but never thrown a pick. Take a shot, maybe it works, maybe it falls incomplete. Browner made a huge play allowing Butler to make an even better play and seal the deal. It was not supposed to go that way for Seattle, but the Pats are smart.

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