20 Replies to “Texans vs. Seahawks | NFL Week 8 Game Highlights”

  1. Damn Sherman looked bad on some of those completions he gave up and Watson is gonna be a superstar

  2. It's been a while since a game was this exciting from beginning to end especially if you're a Hawks fan. Also really good to see a Hawks game that puts more than 6 points on the board. Damn that was a good game! Watson is a stellar QB and definitely gave us a run for our money. Both teams put on quite a show. THAT was some good old fashioned football.

  3. When the texans intercepted it my friend Jayden said "it is over for the seahawks it is over" I said to him that to never give up and they were gonna win. I got exited when seahawks scored the touchdown!!!!!!! and when they intercepted it.

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  5. I’m tired of all these salty Texans fans saying they “should’ve” won maybe to you they “should’ve” won but every non-delusional person knows they couldn’t

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